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Residential and Commercial 360 Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tour Photography

Improve customer and guest engagement with immersive content

Benefits of 360 Virtual Tour Photography


People are suspicious of cleverly angled photos taken with wide-angled lenses.

They want to know what a place actually looks like.


Some vendors will only want serious buyers to view in person.

They will have had to view a 360 tour first


Virtual tours keep people on your website for longer.

5 – 10 times longer!

Visitors are more likely to buy.

(source: Google 2015)


Hotels that feature virtual tours on their websites receive up to 48% more bookings than those that don’t

Make your property stand out in a crowded online environment

(source: Best Western)

Covid 19

People want to restrict their on-site visits as much as possible.

By providing virtual tours you are likely to only have pre-qualified serious buyers to your premises or home.


Our system can allow for hosted virtual tours.

The host takes control of the tour and chats to prospective buyers.

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Click the photo above to open a sample tour in a new tab.
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360ignite is a trading style of Ignite Images Photography dedicated to 360 virtual tours.

Ignite Images were founded in 2012 and have an enviable client bank of well-known brands including Dell, Disney, Toyota, Fiat, Amazon, Tesco, Louis Vuitton and many more.

Operational areas of 360ignite are London and the North-East of England, with Ignite Images operating nationwide.

The principal photographer in London is Arin Dillon and in the North-East it is Philip Atkinson.

Embracing the new normal


New Ideas


Solving Big Problems

In these unprecedented times, it’s important to use every opportunity to promote your business or sell your home.

360 virtual tours can be an excellent way to confront the challenges we all have in this ‘new normal’.

laptop showing live guided tour

Zoom Style Guided Tours

See and speak to prospective purchasers in a Zoom style environment.

Take control of the virtual property tour or let the client.

This pre-qualifies buyers before an in-person viewing.

What is a 360 virtual tour?
The viewer will see 360 degrees around them and be able to control their viewpoint (by cursor, touchpad, or finger).

Virtual arrows, or thumbnails will direct the viewer to other rooms or positions.

Information Spots, also called Hotspots, can be added to tour to provide additional information at the touch of a button.

These may include pop-outs, links to web pages, documents etc.

How are 360 Virtual Tours photographed?
One of two main ways;

  • a specialist camera with two fisheye lenses
  • a dSlR with a fisheye lens mounted onto a specialist tripod

Both methods will result in very wide-angled images that are then ‘stitched’ together.

How are tours viewed?
Typically they are embedded into a website, or a special viewer is used on a site.

They can be uploaded onto Rightmove, Zoopla or On The Market so that visitors to that site can view them.

Businesses can also upload images to Google Street View.

How are the images edited?
In very much the same way as most professional photos are by using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the images so that your property looks it’s best.

There is an additional stage whereby the edited images are stitched together by specialist software to create the 360 look.

What is a Live Guided Tour?
Think of it as Zoom meets a 360 tour.

An estate agent will give a link to a prospective customer and once clicked on will be able to speak to and see the estate agent Zoom style.

Either the agent can control the tour, or pass control to the prospective purchaser.

This is great way to pre-qualify purchasers before an in-person viewing. And it saves on the tidying up also!


How long will the photographer be on-site?
It will depend upon the size of the property.

With a small flat or house, or small business it may be as short as 30 – 45 minutes.

We would expect the property to be photo-ready when we arrive.

The editing and construction of the tour take longer than the actual photography due to the number of processes involved.

How much does a tour cost?
Very affordable.

Check out our pricing page for full details and any offers running at the moment.

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