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Guided 360 Virtual property Tours

All of our tours for house sales now come with an option to host guided tours

Zoom meets a guided tour and provides a great experience for;




A link is sent to the seller who then clicks a button and both the agent and buyer connect via video and audio.

With many people having experienced Zoom and Microsoft Teams this should be a natural experience for many buyers.

It’s simple and powerful – see the screenshot below to see how it looks and if you would like a demonstration then please get in touch.

laptop showing live guided tour


New to market

Use the opportunity for those properties new to the market to host guided virtual tours.

You will get early initial feedback from prospective buyers that you can pass back to the sellers.


Pre-qualify buyers

With a guided virtual tour you will be able to gauge interest from buyers and establish if a ‘proper’ viewing is appropriate.

This saves time for both the buyer and seller.



Most buyers and sellers will be more reluctant to have in-person viewings than they would have been prior to the pandemic.

The Virtual Guided Tour is a great way to reduce viewings.


Engage buyers

Having the ability to host guided virtual tours will allow you to build up a rapport with potential buyers and gauge their likes and dislikes.


Don’t be a busy fool

Anyone can ‘run around’ making viewing after viewing with prospective buyers.

Throwing mud against the wall hoping some will stick isn’t a productive use of time. Don’t be that person!¬†

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