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Benefits of 360 Virtual Property Tours for Home Sellers

Change is a great time to re-evaluate processes and methods that are the norm.

360 virtual property tours have come to prominence due to coronavirus but are they a passing fad, or here to stay and a disrupting technology in the house selling market?

Here we look at some of the key reasons to embrace the technology.


At the time of writing, we still have restrictions in place in terms of in-person viewings.

Sellers will only want viewings from buyers who are genuinely interested in buying.

Buyers will only be interested in viewing in-person those properties that they are really interested in.



Some buyers are understandably suspicious of some still photos.

A carefully positioned camera with a wide-angle lens may make a room seem larger than it is but that can backfire when a buyer actually makes a viewing.

360 photos allow people to genuinely gauge whether they are interested in a property or not.

Pre-qualify buyers

Weeding out ‘tyre kickers’ who have no real interest in a property is now more important than ever before.

Using our Live Guided Tour Feature this becomes simple to pre-qualify prospective buyers.


Many renters are doing so because they are moving into a new area to them, possibly internationally.

(think of the number of international students there are – or were).

With there being less financial and long term commitment as a renter than a buyer you can find that a property will rent without an in-person viewing.

As an added bonus the tour can be used as a condition report to the landlord.

Be Different – secure more listings

Many prospective clients find it difficult to choose the estate agent they list their property with and there are many factors involved in the decision.

A simple way to differentiate yourself is to offer something different than your competitors aren’t offering.

A 360 virtual tour is one of those offerings that all your competitors won’t be offering, especially our Zoom style tours.

Reduce viewings

This may seem counter-intuitive but by weeding out those buyers not interested in a property you save time.

From a seller’s perspective, it means that they reduce the number of times they have to make their home ‘inspection ready’  – saving on stress and time.


Secondary viewings

Secondary viewings are great, they show the buyer is interested.

At times though a second viewing may be to simply check the size of a bedroom or such-like.

Virtual tours can cut down on the number of subsequent viewings.



Don’t be a busy fool

Focus on the things that matter and quickly dismiss the things that don’t.

This includes the people who aren’t likely to buy a property. Your time is precious.