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We are one of the very few 360 Virtual Tour providers that can offer remarketing/retargeting with tours

Have you ever been followed around on the internet?

You visit a site, and then adverts for that site are shown to you on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

This is retargeting, also known as remarketing.

We can add up to five tracking links to your tour.

What this means is that if someone views your 360 virtual tour you can then have adverts served to that person

Common platforms for remarketing are;

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Linkedin

Which you use will be determined by where you think your audience will be found.

remarketing for virtual tours

You obtain the tracking code or pixel from the relevant platform. So, for instance, go to Facebook Ad Manager for your Facebook Pixel.

There are plenty of guides on how to obtain the code/pixel on the internet so I won’t cover that here.


Why would you use this option?  –  There are a few reasons and it may depend on your advertising policy.



Estate Agents

If the potential purchaser has viewed the property on one of the portals you will have no idea of this, or who they are.

With remarketing you can;

  • serve an advert for that particular property
  • serve an advert for your agency

Remember, if they have clicked on a virtual tour then they must be interested.

You will set parameters for how often an advert is served, and budget within the platform of where you are advertising.

And, you will only be charged if the potential purchaser clicks on the advert.

This is laser targetted advertising as opposed to a scattergun approach.




Businesses can remarket visitors in much the same way as Estate Agents.

The main difference is that visitors are very likely to have accessed the 360 virtual tour via your website.

On your own site you can add remarketing pixels in any event, so why add to your virtual tour?


  • visitors who have viewed a virtual tour may be more interested in your business and you just want to remarket to a sub-set of visitors to your site
  • if visitors to your virtual tour have come from a third-party site then you won’t have been able to remarket to them.



There are strict rules about the use of retargeting and remarketing that are covered by GDPR which of course you need to comply with.

The Pixels are controlled by cookies so you need to disclose their use when visitors experience your 360 virtual tour.

We provide the framework for this but you need to supply the wording. There is plenty of information and wordings for this on the internet




Remarketing has been shown to be highly effective and can form part of your overall marketing effort.

It’s relatively simple to implement and can set you apart from your competitors.

If you would like to discuss this then just get in touch and we’ll chat it through.



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